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MyTrucking Ltd
PO Box 85
416 Carters Line
Carterton, 5792
New Zealand


With MyTrucking you get free, unlimited support from our friendly Customer Support team. So how can we help today?

For after hours support contact Sara or Sam Orsborn (numbers below).

Craig Weir

Support & Development

Nat Beckham

Support Manager

Nikola Berryman

Support Manager

Sales and marketing

Do you have questions about how MyTrucking can help your business?

Sara Orsborn

Marketing & Sales Manager / Founder
Phone: +64-27-6453208

Jane Cruickshank

Business Support Manager

Ted Chapman

Sales  – QLD & Northern NSW
Phone: +61-401-647442

Management and accounts

Do you have a billing or payment inquiry please contact Sally below.

Gabor Szikszai

General Manager
Phone: +64-21-840781

Sam Orsborn

Managing Director / Founder
Phone: +64-27-4484586

Sally Smith

Administration & Accounts

Development team

Dave McKinley

Anatoly Kazantsev

Alex Hoogendoorn

Sam Bennett

Bob Lee